Yo, me and my young braddah Kaos was yakkin it up last night and he’s tellin me these young women(early to late 20’s) don’t know how to cook. What the hell’s going on in this bitch? I don’t mind you having a career(as you should!), dreams(as you should!) or even hustlin(well.. you know what I mean!) but get your culinary art up “G”! Shit I cook, why can’t you? Is this a result of society? Do you feel like cooking really means “serving a man”? Are we all on some “Fuck it, Let the resturante’ handle it.” I don’t know but I do know that you don’t have to have kids to learn how to cook. Stop lettin these mo’fo’s make you or us lazy(Now I’m just rantin. HAA)! On the real though, I’ll cook for a woman. No problemo but best believe we are taking turns on that shit. HAAA! And I ain’t talking about grill cheese either. FANGGGG!