And from the heat we are experiencing in the spring in atlanta i already know its going to be a hot scorching summer yall.. start stackn up on that water cause you know they going to start taxn you in june july and august.. So im still an unemployed cat living day to day dollar to dollar and ive never felt better in my adult life.. There is something about how when nothing is garunteed that your best comes out.. Ive been spinning better since i quit my job than ever.. i can only think its cause i know every record that I touch counts… Big things coming but for now since its sooo hot outside im thinking about getting a little cart iwth a block of ice and make some frio frios to hustle the city .. You know the shaved ice joints with all the dope flavas… In corona they had crazy dope flavas like tamarind, mango, guayaba… mmmmmm picture me rolling…

and now onto the summer jammy jams!!!
Garunteed Block Party Anthem

It aint a party without this joint I remember a BBQ i had one year threw this jammy jam on and i thought my deck was gonna cave in from cats bouncing so hard to this joint..

and of course anotha anthem

now this joint I used to play right after the sat morning cartoons and fruity pebbles cereal…

Speaking of Block parties.. Richmond Hill Queens Knows how to get it in