Larry Davis was incredible braddah. After seeing “The Larry Davis Story”, you have to respect him. Yeah he sold drugs for the NYPD but shit… to defy them and survive. If that ain’t Gangsta… I don’t know what is(I’m lieing). The story is amazing(the escape that is) and I can inner-stand it because the NYPD isn’t what you would call your friendly neighborhood cops. The way it’s described though, it’s like straight out the movies. HAAA! You gots to see it though. The braddah moved on to the other side in February due to a prison stabbing. I never knew the story behind the man until this flick. You would just hear about him in rap songs and shit. So… since another board beat me to my Rick Flare Tribute, I’m rollin wit Larry to charge the Battery. Thug Saturdays baby. Here is the first part: