May 2008

Yo, I use to hate this shit when it first came out but as I got older… it grew on me. I would still give it to all of these En Vogue women. Don’t front like you didn’t fantasize about them! BLAMMMMM!

They use to fantasize about me too but I told them I had to be out. Guess what they told me?!?


Miya’s Dreamland. Come out and support my man Miya in his first Art show down at the City of Ink. Check his work out in The Artist of the Week section on this Blog! BLAMMMMMM!!

Yeah , yeah you know it. Coolio is back peoples! It’s been a minute since I posted a “Cooking With Coolio” episode so here we go. SOUL ROLLS!!!!


2 hours ago

PHILADELPHIA — Philadelphia’s police commissioner said Monday that four officers will be fired and four others disciplined for their roles in the beatings of three shooting suspects, an encounter that was captured on videotape and drew widespread outrage.

Another eight officers who had physical contact with the suspects will undergo additional training on the department’s policies concerning the use of force, Commissioner Charles Ramsey said. He said the police department made the disciplinary decisions after reviewing frames from enhanced tape of a video shot by a television news helicopter on May 5.

The video, shot by WTXF-TV, shows the suspects being pulled from their car on the side of the road and groups of officers kicking, punching and beating the men. A total of 19 officers — 18 city police and one transit officer — were involved.

Two of the officers being fired are relatively new to the force and can be terminated immediately, Ramsey said. Two others are being suspended without pay for 30 days with intent to dismiss.

Three other officers are being suspended and one sergeant is being demoted. A criminal investigation is continuing.

Police said they had been pursuing the car in connection with a triple shooting. The three men — Brian Hall, 23, Pete Hopkins, 19, and Dwayne Dyches, 24, all of Philadelphia — have been charged with attempted murder and related counts stemming from the shooting. Their attorneys have said they had nothing to do with it.

One of Dyches’ attorneys said he suffered a welt on his head the size of a baseball and that one of his legs was seriously injured.

All three of the shooting suspects are black. Ramsey has denied allegations that the beatings were racially motivated and said at least one officer involved is black.

The beating occurred at the same time police were conducting an intense manhunt for a suspect in the slaying two days earlier of Sgt. Stephen Liczbinski, but Ramsey said Monday that there was no indication that any of the officers thought the suspect was among the three men in the car.


The homie Goldie Gold put us up on these brothers earlier this year and they are amazing. They are taking calisthenics to another level. And not only that… they are empowering the youth. Here is a quote from an article on

” Giant: For example, we created something in the schools called “HIT Squad” which is an acronym for Heroes In Training. We wanted for the young, more street oriented youth with all of the say-so and influence to step up and run the program while we just shadow it. Once we’ve done that, it just took off. So now we had Bushwick High School that wanted to go up against Bronx Collegiate High School in push-ups and pull-ups. And you couldn’t be a part of the program if your grades weren’t exceptional and you don’t have a CAP, which is an acronym for Character, Attitude and Personality.

 Before we knew it, students were getting Physical Education credits for it. Also, the acronym for GIANT THINKING: Growing Is A Noble Thing – To Help Introduce Nationwide Knowledge Involving Natural Guidance. “

I fucks with this type of energy foreal. They had me doing pushups for the rest of the night. HAAAAAA!! Get inspired peoples! We can do anything! BLAMMMMMM!!


It’s been a long time… You know the rest. HAA!! Thug Saturdays in yah mouth. First up, I want to introduce to you the” 52 Block ” prison fighting system. I only heard bout this shit on record(the Genius album in fact). I’m still searching for info about it but there are a couple of sites that have dvd’s to teach you(Fwape and Bartendaz). Here is 2 clips… one from “Break the Glass” and another from “Spark” who was trained by Born Justice(52 Block Master). This is some real inspiring stuff. The brothers are incredible. Check them out.

Another one! Yep!

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