With all the headaching shit that’s going on in the world these days along with the little bits of crap that people swing your way it’s hard not to get stressed. So just for you… fluxwonda is going to drop some stress relief tips for you. 

1. Punch or kick over some shit- Sometimes it’s easier to do that than hold it in. Atleast that way you can demonstrate your anger without mashin on somebody. HAAAA! But… be careful not to punch or kick over something you may have to clean up or fix cause that can bring you more stress.

2. Speak about it- This helps as well. This way you won’t have to sort out the problems by yourself. A friend can offer a different view in turn can offer better options for you. If you are by yourself… scream. 

3. Exercise- Working out or doing some cardio work can relieve stress because it can make you tired enough for you to forget about the issues until you can calm down in order to deal with it. In other words… think a little more rational.

4. Practice Breathing- Especially breathing deep can slow your heart rate in turn calm your mind and body.

5. Find Some Solitude- Get away from it all. Just for a minute until things clear up. In solitude, we tend to separate ourselves from the world and get into the awareness of ourselves. In a sense, healing ourselves from the constant ware and tear on our conscious and physical bodies.

That’s it for now. Enjoy yourself. Play outside… do something that you want to do. After all… what good are you to any one else if you aren’t good to yourself. That one was a bonus.