The homie Goldie Gold put us up on these brothers earlier this year and they are amazing. They are taking calisthenics to another level. And not only that… they are empowering the youth. Here is a quote from an article on

” Giant: For example, we created something in the schools called “HIT Squad” which is an acronym for Heroes In Training. We wanted for the young, more street oriented youth with all of the say-so and influence to step up and run the program while we just shadow it. Once we’ve done that, it just took off. So now we had Bushwick High School that wanted to go up against Bronx Collegiate High School in push-ups and pull-ups. And you couldn’t be a part of the program if your grades weren’t exceptional and you don’t have a CAP, which is an acronym for Character, Attitude and Personality.

 Before we knew it, students were getting Physical Education credits for it. Also, the acronym for GIANT THINKING: Growing Is A Noble Thing – To Help Introduce Nationwide Knowledge Involving Natural Guidance. “

I fucks with this type of energy foreal. They had me doing pushups for the rest of the night. HAAAAAA!! Get inspired peoples! We can do anything! BLAMMMMMM!!