And you thought the name of our Wednesdays post is crazy… check this out! BLAMMMM!

Police Find, Defuse Chicken Bomb

| Courant Staff Writer
June 10, 2008

SIMSBURY – — As bomb scares go, this one might be the most unusual for local police.

A motorist on Powder Forest Drive Friday morning noticed what looked like a whole chicken — the kind bought at grocery stores for roasting — with a pipe bomb stuffed inside, police said Monday.

When they arrived on the scene around 9 a.m. officers found the roaster had an improvised explosive device where the fowl’s innards should have been.

They closed the road for part of the morning as the Hartford Police Department’s bomb squad was called to detonate the device, police said.

In its recent history, Simsbury and local residents have had their problems with hungry black bears, roaming coyotes and escaped emus. Now town folks can add store-bought chicken, stuffed with a bomb, to the list of odd animal incidents.

With the chicken and bomb taken care of, police are left to investigate who’s responsible for the strange incident.

Police Capt. Matthew Catania would not describe the bomb Monday, but said it was “capable of causing harm to a person.”

He said the police didn’t know whether the bomb was made by one or more people, but the department is investigating. Anyone with information is asked to call Det. Sgt. Fred Sifodaskalakis at 860-658-3140. 

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