Pen and Pixel[1] is a Houston, Texas graphics design firm that specializes in musical album covers, especially for Gangster Rap artists in the Southern US. For a long time they were the house design firm for the famous No Limit Records label.
Pen and Pixel are famous for their identifiable design vernacular of 3-D and effects-laden text, bracketing heavily layered and photoshop filtered graphics. These typically overlay a scene depicting the album artist ostentatiously surrounded by women, liquor, gold- and diamond-coated material affects, and other signifiers of a gangster lifestyle.

Years later the saga continues with the funny back and forth beef with fat joe and 50cent. heads was going for the jugular with this photoshop war

Then who knew the line “they photoshop my head on the body” would be ROOOOSSS!!!! own suicide to his steez. photoshop wins again