This might be the hardest ish you hear in your life by real hood cats in jail.

A rap troupe culled from the bowels of the US criminal underworld, namely Rahway State Pennitentiary in East Jersey. Put together by the thinking of inmate 660604 (Maxwell Melvins), this was an intriguing project that gathered together the incarcerated “lifers” to discourage those who still had their freedom from living the gangsta rap lifestyle to the full. The nightmare vision of prison life was revealed in intimate, gory detail on tracks like “The Real Deal”, while the cover rammed home the message with pictures of the criminals and the cells they were forced to occupy. The set was recorded in three months after the Disney-funded Hollywood Basic Records, ever sensitive to a good cause, had heard of the scheme.

Lifer’s Group – Belly Of The Beast

Lifers Group- Real Deal

Lifers Group – Short Life Of A Gangsta