Sexy, But just wanted to throw a sister who rep like crazy the last time we saw her. The bio is small but her props run long son!!!

Tekitha is a female vocalist who appeared to take the role of Wu-Tang Clan in-house singer (previously filled by Blue Raspberry) for the album Wu-Tang Forever, on which she also performed a solo track titled “Second Coming”. She also filled in for the unavailable Mary J. Blige in the video for Ghostface Killah’s “All I Got Is You”.
Initially signed to RZA’s Razor Sharp Records and then to Ghostface’s Starks Enterprise, she is believed to have completed a solo album, but like many other Wu-Tang affiliates has not had it released. Though the role of in-house singer was filled by Madame D on 2001’s Iron Flag, Tekitha continues to make guest appearances on Wu-Tang projects such as Raekwon’s The Lex Diamonds Story and has also collaborated with non-Wu artists including KRS-One and Armand Van Helden. While usually heard singing, her rapping can be heard on Cappadonna’s “Pump Your Fist” and RZA’s “Mantis”.

Wisdom Body LP (not released in the US)

“Walking Through the Darkness”, Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai (soundtrack, 1999)
“You” (2002)
“You (Remix)” (featuring Ghostface Killah, 2002)
“I Love U So” (2002)
“I Can See” (featuring Cappadonna)
“Wut U Got”

Guest appearances
Wu-Tang Forever (Wu-Tang Clan album, 1997)
“Second Coming” (solo)
Heavy Mental (Killah Priest album, 1997)
“One Step”
The Pillage (Cappadonna album, 1997)
“Pump Your Fist” (rapping)
“Black Boy”
Heist of the Century (La the Darkman album, 1998)
“Street Life”
Bobby Digital in Stereo (RZA as Bobby Digital album, 1998)
“Mantis” (rapping)
2 Future 4 U (Armand Van Helden album, 1998)
“Mother Earth”
Antidote (Deadly Venoms album, 1998)
Manchild (Shyheim album, 1999)
Killing Puritans (Armand Van Helden album, 2000)
Digital Bullet (RZA as Bobby Digital album, 2001)
“Build Strong”
Bulletproof Wallets (Ghostface Killah album, 2001)
“Walking Through the Darkness”
The Lex Diamond Story (Raekwon album, 2003)
“Once Upon A Time”
Kristyles (KRS-One album, 2003)
“All That I Got Is You (Video Version)”, Ghostface Killah (1997)
“Street Opera”, Killah Priest (1997)
“Soul In The Hole”, Wu-Tang Killa Bees, Soul In The Hole soundtrack (1998)