This back in the days when r&b groups had their own sound like hip hop. Full Force not often mentioned but these cats did there thing for real on all levels

Full Force is a group of R&B and Hip Hop performers and producers from Brooklyn, New York, calling themselves “the original hip hop vocal band”.

B-Fine (Brian George) – drums and drum programming
Shy Shy (Junior Clark) – bass guitar
Paul Anthony (Paul Anthony George) – vocals
Bowlegged Lou (Lucien George, Jr.) – vocals
Curt-T-T (Curt Bedeau) – guitar
Baby Gerry (Gerry Charles) – keyboards
B-Fine, Paul Anthony, and Bowlegged Lou are brothers, and the other members are their cousins.

They have produced and written music for such diverse artists as UTFO, Doctor Ice, Samantha Fox, Patti LaBelle, Jasmine Guy, The Force M.D.s, Britney Spears, James Brown, Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam, Backstreet Boys, La Toya Jackson, and Selena. Full Force received their first record contract thanks to their production of UTFO’s “Roxanne Roxanne” (1985), a record that led to countless answer records, most notably by Roxanne Shanté. They produced singer/songwriter Rihanna’s 2005 hit, “That La, La, La” which appears on her debut album Music Of The Sun. The Black Eyed Peas’ worldwide hit “Don’t Phunk With My Heart” was also written as a collaboration between Full Force and of the Peas. Full Force wrote and produced most of the singles from La Toya Jackson’s fifth studio album La Toya, including “You’re Gonna Get Rocked!”, “You Blew”, and “Such a Wicked Love”, as well as Patti LaBelle’s track “I Got It Like That”, for which they also provided prominent background vocals, from her 1989 album, Be Yourself.
Full Force provide backing vocals on two Bob Dylan songs recorded during sessions for Infidels: “Death Is Not the End” (released on Down in the Groove (1988) and “Tell Me” (released on The Bootleg Series Volumes 1-3 (Rare & Unreleased) 1961-1991).
In addition to their impressive production résumé, they have also achieved a moderately successful career with their own albums and music. While their “solo” efforts haven’t proved nearly as fruitful as their production work, they did manage to place several hit singles on the R&B charts during the latter half of the 80’s. Tracks such as “Unselfish Lover” (off their self-titled debut) and “Temporary Love Thing” (off their follow-up album, Full Force Get Busy 1 Time!) received substantial airplay. “All in My Mind” became their first and only single to date to reach the R&B Top Ten in 1988. Two greatest hits compilations are available, one by Thump Records and the other by Collectables.
In 2007, on their Sony release Legendary, they have a song dedicated to Oprah Winfrey entitled We’re Feeling You Oprah. It was inspired by their mother’s love for Oprah.
They also showed a talent for comedy acting in the 1990s comedy film House Party and its sequel as the gangster-nemeses of Kid and Play. They are currently involved in the production of another installment of the franchise titled Bouncers.
Full Force’s biggest hit (production-wise) from the 1990’s was the Backstreet Boys hit single “All I Have To Give” which shot up the charts. The song features all of the Full Forces original slow jam style and harmonies. Full Force worked with Prince’s Ex-Wife Mayte for her album Child Of The Sun, however the songs were all produced by Prince so they remained unreleased. Full Force was then featured on Lil’ Kim’s La Bella Mafia album of 2002 for her song “Cant F— With Queen Bee”.
Retrospectively, Full Force should be viewed as major contributors of freestyle music. Not surprisingly, Thump Records, a label known for its freestyle compilations, released their first greatest hits compilation.

1985: Full Force (Columbia)
1986: Full Force Get Busy 1 Time! (Columbia)
1987: Guess Who’s Comin’ to the Crib? (Columbia)
1989: Smoove (Columbia)
1992: Don’t Sleep (Capitol)
1995: Sugar On Top (Calibre)
2001: Still Standing (TVT)
2007: Legendary (Sony)

1985: Krush Groove
1990: House Party (film)
1991: House Party 2