To have the these type of thoughts that I have sometimes.. But in a nutshell t goes like this quick and to the point.. I could (but i wont and Im not) die right now a happy man… No I haven’t reached my full potentials and yet I still have alot of labor and adversities to confront.. But if it had to go down right now or moments after I wrote this I could die tonight a happy man cause I got Aretha Franklin hollering type of RESPECTt!!!!! ya heard.. No matter how much currency you generate and wish to write about in a rap form and make a video and album and dvd about currency thats cool its your thing and thats what you choose to do but instead I wear mines and it can not be bought thats called respect…when all else fails and everything is stripped away from you if you have respect you are wealthy beyond your means.. And thats what I realize.. Everything I did I did it with heart and full intentions like my wise elder BDK once said “aint noo half steppin”.. And while I have yet life to live I will make it a point to continue to strive and multiply my wisdom as well as my contributions to the existing present an to the never ending future….For the day you coexist with everyday  has an expiration like yourself but the future you create in your present existence, however long that existence could, and will be has no end….BOOyah those are just some of the many things that I think about and tonight im full of thoughts cause Binkis rocked a really dope show tonight.. i dont like takin bout myself but them cats did they thing tonight bro..I mean  mira (look) man.. we did Bullit tonight first one out the chamber and kids went bezerko off a record we been playin for like madd years… we got that old song that still sounds good today.. That still hits people.. And i really mean kids .. them cats were in elementary when Bullit came out on Fruitmeat Recs but it moved the crowd like Rakim.And further that goes to show that when you strip hip hop back down to the original formula of an mcee or in this case 3 mcees and 1 dj black and brown movin the crowd it will hit like the lotto and people smile..