Fear! Some of us are more affected by it than others but we all have it. Here are some steps that may help you overcome most of it. This was taken from “www.articlesbase.com“. Peep it:

Human is implanted with fear for his survival. Ancient man could not protect himself against fierce and dangerous animals due to his inferior body structure. Therefore, nature gave him fear so that he knew it’s time to escape if he faced such animals. Not only the animals that caused fear to ancient man. All other nature dangers and even the danger from the fellow human were also the threat that caused fear. We inherit fear and become acquaint with it in our modern lives. But instead of fear of danger, now we fear of failure. Fear of mental danger is more severe than the fear of physical dangers in modern day human.

In addition, we have been taught to have fear since our childhood. Some of our parents were afraid that we might get ourselves into danger and threaten us on danger of doing something that we were not used to. The word “No” is so common to us because of this. We can hear our parents’ voices saying “No” even nowadays. When we have fear as our asset, we can not go across the barrier to our success. 

However, there are five tips that we can use to overcome fear and turn it around to be our power. The steps include:

1 Know what you want from the action: Set your goal up on the action you decide to do. You need to know the reason of doing it so that you have enough motivation to overcome the fear. If you have no strong enough reason, you will not follow through the action and failure will be unavoidable. 

2 Understand the nature of fear: Fear will come if we are not certain what will happen. In order to reduce the severity of fear, we need to make the action purpose as clear as we can. Also, we need to see through the whole process of our actions whether there is some risk on anything. 

There are some people suggesting that for example if you are afraid of ghost in the closet, you must really go and take a look at the closet that there is no ghost inside. It is the same here. Fear is just created in our mind according to our natural instinct. Without fear our race may not have come this far. 

In our modern time era, we may need to make full analysis of the situation to the extent that we feel more comfortable. This will help us to minimize the fear as we go along. Success people are not the ones who do not have fear, but the one who know who to deal with it. You also can be successful if you understand its nature.

3 Change the focus: Do not focus on what you fear but instead focus on what you want. This is what most human has missed. Instead of thinking about what he wants, average human tends to focus on what he doesn’t want. Train yourself on thinking about good things in your life. 

4 Have a positive visualization: Know how to visualize will help you enable to dramatically reduce your fear. Regular visualization will also attract favorable situation and attributes into your life according to the law of attraction. There are also some attraction accelerator tools in the market. You may want to utilize in to help you get your result faster.

5 Have a feeling of gratitude: Feel gratitude on what has brought you here. Gratitude is one of the secrets on eliminating fear. Once you feel really grateful, you will not have fear. Make sure that you have the right focus when you have fear.

Everybody has fear. However, not many people know how to deal with it when they are in this intense situation. The five steps here will help anybody on minimizing fear and get closer to their success.