I’m sure we all heard this ” It’s the little things that you do…” and that’s correct. Not just for the females but for the “woman and man” relationship period. It’s a give and take at all times. Nobody wants to feel alone or the only one thinking about the other person when the other person isn’t giving it back. I’m not saying do things just to get returns but who can give love and respect then have them taken for granted? You might as well do not deal!

Times have changed as well. Our generation seems to be cool with just a phone call. The generation before us may consider cards or something that they can hold close and remember you by. I realized that with my own mother. That’s the least you can do… a card. And like I said, that’s something she can look at and remember how people feel about her. Them same effect as an old picture. All in all I think it’s just the experience and reflection of love. I know love is deep and beyond material things but in a physical world… what’s the best way to show it?