Happy Mothasuckin New Year Peoples! To all my peoples out there. You have prospered, achieved, survived, enjoyed, loved, lived, lost, created, hated and demonstrated! I miss my braddah y’all. Last night was a wild feeling but with all my peoples… we enjoyed ourselves. Lisa Lisa, we love you baby. To everybody that came through: Goldie Gold, Kaos, Trav, Jae Scott and Fam, Hollywood Shine, B Price and others(sorry), thanks for your company. I loved celebrating New Years with y’all. To all those there in Spirit… love y’all to the physical pass. You know who you are. BLAMMMMM!!!! 2009 peoples lets continue the stride. We got a smooth glide happening and we can’t brake the flow. Flux that!! FISKKKKK!!!

(Pic by Allison)