Just a little something for us when we feeling down! I got this from ezinearticles.com

By: Tan Glenn

What is failure?

It is when an individual does not achieve a certain result and drops out right in their face. Quite straightforward isn’t it?

But some people just see failure as something that their journey for that particular area has ended and then quits right away.Little do they know that its actually the best time to pick themselves up and learn from where they are.

So lets get started with picking yourself up from failure.

There are three things we need to note:

  • Goal 
  • Strategy 
  • Action

You must first have a goal in mind before you do anything and then proceed with a strategy and then apply…It’s all too stereotype.For example, a student wants to do well in his or her studies.

Setting the kind of grade he wants to the point that he knows what marks he wants to get.Be very specific about that so that you know clearly what is it that you want to achieve.Setting goals is useless if you don’t work on it.

Next, improvise a strategy that will help you achieve that goal of yours. Plan out that strategy just like when you’re entering war in the battlefield. Follow according to your plan

Now who said that all plans work, not all do. Some are bad plans and need to be changed.

Hence, with the wrong strategy you’ll get wrong results and might even cause you to be discouraged drastically or at least to a certain extent.

All you need to do is change your strategy constantly and by doing so, you will get different results accordingly by taking action.

Sift out the right one and you’ll stick to it because it works so well and achieve the results you want with that new and great strategy.

More importantly, we should view undesired and negative results as feedback and not failure.It should be like a report that tells us that we should change certain areas and continue to persevere.

It is due to the lack of determination that caused so many people to really fail because they just can’t accept that one-time feedback.

Thomas Edison failed so many times.. its thousands of times of trying new strategies before he created the light bulb and there we are with that filament here and there around the world.

What if he decided to give up at his first try or half way.


So if you think giving up is the way to go, please drown yourself. See if you give up at that time.

Reconsider what you’re doing and make the best of anything that you are challenged.

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