Maybe not for anybody else but us Giants fans are hurt!! HAAA!  These bastard ass Eagle’s got us good. It’s not hard to believe though, their momentum was real high. Reminds me of us last year.

Now, I don’t give a fuck who win the Super Bowl but if the Eagles get it… I won’t be mad unless they start talking shit before they get it. For that little sideline stunt he(D.McNabb) pulled yesterday, he might deserve to be in the hospital. Nah, I don’t want to wish bad on dude but keep it up. Just keep it up!

Anyway Eli, don’t cry get better. Your monkey ass threw a lot of inaccurate passes G. Get your confidence game up champ. I’m not gonna ramble no longer though. Congratz to the Eagles and we’ll see ya’ll next year. For the record… I’m still rolling with the G-Men! BLAMMMMMMMM!