I didn’t even think this exsisted. Watermelon Pancakes?? I betcha these joint’s, man I’ll tear these fuckers up! It’s an old article but shit… who cares. You can see the recipe here(Food-forthought.blogspot.com). Oh, that’s also where I got the pic from. FISKKKKKKKK!!

This is just a preview:

Summer Bites – Watermelon Pancakes

Here is a dish straight from my grandma’s kitchen. When the days really warm up in the Konkan, dishes like these are favored over traditional, heavier breakfasts. This way you get a filling meal first thing in the morning, that’s also cool and refreshing enough to beat the heat.

The traditional way of making these pancakes is to soak rice and then grind it along with the rest of the ingredients. My mother however often adopted the ‘short cut’ of using rice flour; which is right up my alley because I often forget to soak rice and then crave dosas for weekend brunch!!

Here I must add that these pancakes are actually an ingenious way of using a part of the fruit that would otherwise be discarded – the white part just under the juicy, red slices. I am always amazed at the extent to which life in the villages is respectful to nature. People in rural India have been environmentally conscious long before the rest of the world even coined the term.

Since packaged, pre-cut chunks are more common in the supermarkets here, it’s fine to use them instead of the white part. Cut into smaller pieces and give them a whir in the blender. This by the way will give you the prettiest batter ever – candy floss pink in color! (POSTED BY ASHWINI).

(Recipe here!)