Man, I’m gonna be honest. I did not expect these brothas to last as long as they have. Foreal!! Everybody was going crazy “The Lox, The Lox!!”, I was like… Man Please! Much too my surprise these cats have stayed in the game. They caught me out there with Jadakiss first album. We was riding around with J Force and the line that caught us off guard was ” I see you working out, back and chest all nice… but this 12 gauge will put your six pack on ice! ” HAAAAAA!!!! We were fluxing rolling in that bitch. Ever since then I gave them an ear, if not just for the enjoyment of the lyrics.

Over the years, each of them released at least 2 albums, numerous Mix Cd’s as well as formed their own company…D-Block! So here’s to the 10 (or 12) years of the Lox, putting it down! Check out the bio. BOKAPPPPPPPPPPP!!!


In the summer of 1999, the celebrated Yonkers Rap trio the LOX found themselves in a fight for freedom. Disappointed with the direction of their career on Bad Boy, the group wanted to be released from their contract in order to join the newly formed Ruff Ryders/ Interscope label. The Ruff Ryders had always served as the Lox’s managers and the group felt like the new Double R label could better represent the hard-core sensibilities which they expressed in their rhymes. Bad Boy was known for its radio friendly dance hits and high priced videos, while the LOX were quickly establishing themselves as Hip-Hop’s rawest group. The identities clashed, the LOX just didn’t feel comfortable in the shiny suits. “We just needed to be with a rougher label” says Sheek. “A harder label that fit our image.” 

The LOX tried all of the legal maneuvering available to be released from their contract with Bad Boy. However, when the lawyers and conference calls didn’t work, the group did what they do best. They took their story to the streets. At a New York rap concert, the defiant group sported “Let the Lox Go” T-shirts and sparked a grass roots movement to “Free the Lox.” To a Hip-Hop public tired of all the flossing and commercialism which was dominating the art form, the struggle to release rap’s most important trio symbolized an effort to purify the music. To return Hip-Hop back to its essence as an important form of urban expression. The streets spoke up loud and clear and the Lox were finally released to a heroes welcome. “We really changed the game by doing that.,” says Styles concerning the contractual drama. “It might take years from now, but other people are gonna do it. We made it so they don’t have to be scared to speak up.” 

“You are always better off with your people no matter what.” says Jadakiss about the group’s excitement about joining their Ruff Ryder family which includes Eve, Drag-ON, DMX and red hot producer Swizz Beats. “Even if we would have gone over to Bad Boy and everything was sweet and alright, you are always better off with your people and your family because they love you and you love them. That’s gonna beat anything in the world.” (More Here)