Ol’ Sckool Tuesday’s people. What we have here? We have some dancing going on. It’ seems to me that back in the 60’s and 70’s, brothers and sisters use to dance a lot more. Not that people don’t dance now cause that would some dumb shit to say but it seems that people were more into it. They don’t even have any dance shows on T.V. anymore. You had Soul Train, American Bandstand, Solid Gold, The Sha-Nah-Nah Show, Dance Fever and some other shit. Soul Train lasted for  30 someodd years. Even a couple of years ago they had Dance 360 with Fredro Star and Kel Mitchell. Now they have these Reality Dance Crew shows and shit. Whatever man! We are going back today though. I’m gonna start with James Brown teaching us how to get business then get off into some more funny shit! Y’all ready? BOKAPP, BOKAPP!!!!!!!