Jazz.. Man what a beautiful thing it is. See Jazz is like superb liquor such as a cognac or an old scotch. You have to have a refined palette to appreciate a fine drink, cigar or wine. Likewise you must have a refined ear to appreciate jazz and all its complexities. Its only now in my life that I can fully understand and embrace it. Jazz is like a perfect pairing. When I think of jazz, immediately I think of a Nas line where he tells chicks to take heed to the Thug thats Intelligent too. And thats how I hear Jazz to be. The grit in the jazz dances with the sophistication of the sound. Jazz is like poor people mingling with rich people it is black and white night and day all in one. Complex rythms infused with raw emotion and soul. It has a flow thats spontaneous and erratic similar to how our minds work. I can get lost in a Miles Davis record. It somehow helps my thoughts flow out and beyond. On a side note I have jazz records that ppl would pay 100s of dollars for.. I also have records that are not worth 1 penny.. But there is something magical in every scratch and pop of an old less than 1 penny record. Im not one of those… I have to have a record type cat or replacing damaged records is a nono in my book. Because the wear of the records have just as much a story to tell as the music on it. And if you scracth the record in the right place the loops of the song will reveal themselves before you almost magically.. In celebration of my new found love of Jazz i present to you:

Kool n the Gang’s Dujii – (who originally started as a jazz band called The Jazziacs)

Kool n the Gang – Dujii

This record inspired and spwaned into:

Gangstarr’s – Jazz Thing which was featured in Spikes Joint Mo Better Blues

Gangstarr – jazz thing

Enjoy Mi Gente Palante