Here Chicky, Chicky, Chicky!!! Here we are peoples on another Watermelon and Chicken Wednesday’s. It’s been a minute so let’s just start with a message. Don’t ever think that material items are the be all to end all. Also, don’t think that just cause you getting money doesn’t mean that you are saved! There are a lot of programs out here pulling and pushing on our emotions at all times. Whether you believe it or not. It Happens!! A lot of us are caught up in just what we see and not the possibilities of other perceptions… because they also exist. The title for this day on “The Binkis Blog” has to do with the effects programs have on us not to mention just some ol’funny ass shit! HAAAA! You may see some history, some clowns, some coons, some clothes, some food(of course), some Sambos and maybe just an image. So Let me gear up some info for y’all to evaluate.  Check it out from time to time. I’ll holla! FISKKKKKKKKKKKK!!