Y’all know what it is, Watermelon and Chicken Wednesday’s!!! FAng, FANGGGGGGGGG!!!!  Make sure your watermelon has seeds in them because these days… you don’t know what the flux you are eating. Seedless watermelon? That means it ends right there. No more melon to plant people and that also means that  you don’t know what they are doing to our food supply in order for us to have seedless fruit. Not just fruit either. We are talking about vegetables, meat, so called vitamins, Juice, cereal… all that shit. Can you figure out what’s natural? It’s hard these days to eat well with the price of organics(natural foods) going up and that is the shit that suppose to be good for you. So imagine what they are feeding us in non-organic foods. Yeah the game is fucked up! HAAAA! I’m not saying worry yourself to death but be aware. the consistent theme in business is More and More profit and Less and Less Expenses. So what ever they got to do to lower  their expenses they will do. Back in the day they didn’t want to spend money on importing sugar so they created some fake ass sugar and called it High Fructose Corn Syrup. And that shit ain’t good for you because it’s artificial!  Here That? Well, that’s my rant for today. Word up peoples, stay good with your eyes on the truth. Enjoy your days and better yourselves. We can all get better! FISKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!