May 2009


It’s about fluxin’ time. Atlanta’s own Latin Soul Brother Mafioso Fresh gets and exclusive artitcle over at Dope read so read up!!! Mafi has been gettin’ on  in Atlanta’s Clubs and MixCd circuit for a looooonnnnggggggg time! So do your Homework people. Check his space( Buford Hwy Bombers! Lookout! FISKKKKKKKKKKK!! Here’s the Link!

The apple don’t fall to far from the tree. .. There are many sayings that  all mean the same thing.. There is a simple one that my father… Mi Papi.. Senor Fioso always said and as a matter of fact still says to this day that goes like this…. I can know you up and down not  because of who you are  or what I see you as, but rather i know you well by who you roll with and the company that you keep!! Priceless advice from those who know more than us..

But that very token.. that wisdom, was very evident tonight in a ruff patch of Atlanta… Very evident indeed. It’s 4:55a yall but im still riding a natural high brought forth by the vibes of tonights events and revelations.. I rocked the one and only stage of 595 North Ave (which used to be one of atl’s most infamous after hours spots back in the day)  tonight the venue that hosted Dj Kemits Bornday celebration, the Spread Love 1 year anniversary, and Dj Mafioso’s first ever attendance and dj debut at a Spread Love event!!! I can end the story right there but it only gets better…. Because thats not the cake!! The desert is that Binkis Recs was relevant and was rockin the same single stage on the same night..I was providing the sounds, flux on the murals and Spice on the visuals… We are part of the fabric of ATLANTA!!! I had on my JAX shirt and Najee was there in spirit so it was all complete.. Pics and audio will be up shortly.. but i warn you it was one of those joints that you just had to be there to know what im really sayn!!! Buford Hwy Binkis Bombers yall!! we get it it in one way or the other!!!

For the rest of yall he is know as Killa Kalm…Cause the burly black brother is so smooth that even when he murders you somehow you enjoy it!!! But this is the lesson in the joke.. Pay Attention as Dram would say…Those who surround you are there for a purpose ya heard!!! & this is how I prove it…. If it wasn’t for the big brotha Najee and myself being accidently heavy on the pause button I woulda neva known who Jabo Starks was in my lifetime.. So pay attention to your surroundings and fix your fudgin face as my man drama would say!!! Big up to those in the know!!!FISK FANG BOOM KAP YAHWERRRZ SOUTHSIDE DONT PLAY FUSK WIT MAF AND HE MIGHT SPRAY!!!

Classic  Boondocks scene. HAAAAA!

Dope video i stumbled upon.. these were the good ole days..

Man, this is just bad!

American kills 5 fellow soldiers at clinic in Iraq


BAGHDAD — An American Army sergeant shot and killed five fellow soldiers following an altercation at a counseling center on a military base in Iraq Monday, officials said. The attack drew attention to the issues of combat stress and morale among soldiers serving multiple combat tours over six years of war.

The suspect had been disarmed after an earlier incident at the center but returned with another weapon, according to a senior military official in Washington, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the investigation into the shootings was ongoing.

Attacks on fellow soldiers, known as fraggings, were not uncommon during the Vietnam war but are believed to be rare in Iraq and Afghanistan.

A brief U.S. military statement said the assailant was taken into custody following the 2 p.m. shooting at Camp Liberty, a sprawling U.S. base on the western edge of Baghdad near the city’s international airport.

President Barack Obama, who visited an adjacent base last month, said in a statement that he was “shocked and deeply saddened” by the report, adding that “my heart goes out to the families and friends” of all those involved “in this horrible tragedy.”

After a meeting with Defense Secretary Robert Gates, Obama said he would make sure “that we fully understand what led to this tragedy” and will do everything possible “to ensure that our men and women in uniform are protected as they serve our country so capably and courageously in harm’s way.”

The military statement in Baghdad said nobody else was hurt, but military officials in Washington said one person was wounded. The names of the victims and shooter were not released.

Pentagon officials said the shooting happened at a stress clinic, where troops can go for help with the stresses of combat or personal issues. Soldiers routinely carry weapons on Camp Liberty and other bases, but they are supposed to be unloaded.

The military official told The Associated Press that the sergeant had been involved in a verbal altercation at the center. His service weapon was taken from him for his own protection and he was driven back to the center later in the day.

The official said that when the sergeant returned he had another weapon. It was unclear whether he was returning under orders or of his own volition.

Another senior military official said the shooter was a patient at the clinic. The official, who also spoke on condition of anonymity because of the probe, did not know what relationship the shooter had to those he killed. It was unclear whether the victims were workers at the clinic or were there for counseling.

At the Pentagon, Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said the shooting occurred “in a place where individuals were seeking help.”

“It does speak to me about the need for us to redouble our efforts in terms of dealing with the stress,” Mullen said.

The U.S. military is coping with a growing number of stress cases among soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan — many of whom are on their third or fourth combat tours. Some studies suggest that about 15 percent of soldiers returning from Iraq suffer from some sort of emotional problems.

With violence declining, many soldiers face new challenges trying to shift from fighting a war to training and mentoring the Iraqis — tasks that often require skills in which they have not been trained.

Adding to the stress, there have been several incidents recently when men dressed as Iraqi soldiers have opened fire on American troops, including an attack in the northern city of Mosul on May 2 when two soldiers and the gunman were killed.

Rep. Harry Mitchell, a member of the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee, said the Camp Liberty shooting underscores the “critical need” to reach out to soldiers “suffering from the effects of combat stress and post-traumatic stress disorder.”

The death toll from the shooting at the counseling center was the highest for U.S. personnel in a single attack since April 10, when a suicide truck driver killed five American soldiers with a blast near a police headquarters in Mosul.

“Any time we lose one of our own, it affects us all,” U.S. spokesman Col. John Robinson said. “Our hearts go out to the families and friends of all the service members involved in this terrible tragedy.”

There have been several previous fragging incidents in the Iraq war.

_ Last September, Sgt. Joseph Bozicevich, 39, of Minneapolis was detained after allegedly killing two members of his unit south of Baghdad. The case remains under investigation.

_ In April 2005, Army Sgt. Hasan Akbar was sentenced to death for killing two officers in Kuwait just before the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq in 2003.

_ In June 2005, an Army captain and lieutenant were killed when an anti-personnel mine detonated in the window of their room at the U.S. base in Tikrit. National Guard Staff Sgt. Alberto Martinez was acquitted in the blast.

_ Spc. Chris Rolan, an Army medic, was sentenced to 33 years in prison in 2007 for killing a fellow soldier after a night of heavy drinking in Iraq.

_ In 2008, Army Cpl. Timothy Ayers was sentenced to two years and four months in prison after pleading guilty to involuntary manslaughter in the fatal 2007 shooting of his platoon sergeant in Iraq.

In other violence, the military announced Monday that a U.S. soldier was killed a day earlier when a roadside bomb exploded near his vehicle in Basra province of southern Baghdad.

In the northern city of Kirkuk, a car bombing killed two people Monday, including a 10-year-old boy, and wounded 10 others, police Brig. Gen. Sarhat Qadir said.

In Baghdad, a senior Iraqi traffic officer was assassinated on his way to work. It was the second attack on a high-ranking traffic police officer in the capital in as many days.

When you  mention the emotions… three things come to mind. 1.) They were BANGIN!!! 2.) Jax’s rendition of “Don’t Ask My Neighbor”, HAAA! and 3.) Big Daddy Kane’s “Ain’t No Half Steppin”. One of the illist woman groups ever heard. Although off top you would think… Supremes but it wasn’t even like that. Their music was different and some of the joints was more rugged. Peep the Bio and enjoy the vids. Introducing…..  The EMOTIONS!!! FISKKKKKKKKKK!!

Bio(Artist Direct):

A trio of sisters with a strong gospel base, the Emotions (based in Chicago) were one of the leading female R&B acts of the ’70s. Lead singer Sheila Hutchinson and her sisters Wanda andJeanette were only teenagers when they crashed the soul charts in 1969 with the engaging “So I Can Love You,” but they sang gospel as children and enjoyed secular fame locally before signing with Memphis-based Volt and working with producers Isaac Hayes and David Porter. When Stax folded in 1975, the group hooked up with Maurice White of Earth, Wind & Fire, an association that led to the number one pop/R&B hit “Best of My Love” in 1977.

Two years after Best of My Love, Maurice White and the Emotions collaborated on “Boogie Wonderland,” which was both a number two R&B and number six pop hit. They issued three more albums on White‘s ARC label from 1979 to 1981, but were unable to duplicate their earlier success. They moved to the Red label for the 1984 LP Sincerely, which included the single “All Things Come in Time.” They issued three other singles from the album, but none made much impact, though each one charted. They then signed with Motown, but issued only one album, If I Only KnewSheila Hutchinsonwas a featured vocalist on Garry Glenn‘s “Feels Good to Feel Good” in 1987. Pam and Jeanette Hutchinson did background vocals on Helen Baylor‘s gospel song “There’s No Greater Love” in 1990.Wanda Hutchinson and Jeanette sang on Earth, Wind & Fire‘s Heritage in 1990. ~ Bill Dahl and Ron Wynn(All Music Guide). More Info here.

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