It’s been a long time so lets get it in. Today is a beautiful day regardless of the over cast. We went over to the Stacy Epps video shoot for the song ” Floatin ” on the roof top. I must say that the queens came through reppin’! It felt good to be around them. HAAAAAAA! Nah, it was like a family reunion and shit. The video is directed by the homie Mr. Complex! HAA! Yes, Mr. Complex that use to run heavy with Organize Konfusion. Me and Jax use to bugg off dude style. That was dope. And the weather was fly too. I know the joint is gonna turn out ill. I’m sure you will see the behind the scenes all over the net. Word up!



A true rare groove vocalist and emcee delivers heavy messages that flow like a summer breeze over hard- hitting beats. Stacy Epps breathes solar winds through Atlanta’s progressive soul scene. Raised in a military family, Stacy started her career equipped with an inviting global perspective, vintage earrings from her grandmother’s collection, and a law degree from the University of Southern California 

In ten years she’s established a globally reaching reputation for sonic excellence in the underground hip hop community. Epps is on a mission to see how far the music can spread through truly independent efforts. The people are the catalyst. Through direct contact and physical distribution she is embarking on an experimental release of her debut solo album “The Awakening” this summer, through her label Japanubia Musik, LLC. 

You may have heard her as half of the jazzy rap duo Sol Uprising. She also works with some of the underground’s illest scientists: Madlib, MF DOOM, OH NO, Wildchild, J Rawls and Scienz of Life. Her sensually sophisticated singing is only topped when she grabs the mic to rhyme with the precision of Bahamadia, of whom she and femcee Invincible toured Europe with on the Sistas in Rhyme Tour in December, 2006.