The apple don’t fall to far from the tree. .. There are many sayings that  all mean the same thing.. There is a simple one that my father… Mi Papi.. Senor Fioso always said and as a matter of fact still says to this day that goes like this…. I can know you up and down not  because of who you are  or what I see you as, but rather i know you well by who you roll with and the company that you keep!! Priceless advice from those who know more than us..

But that very token.. that wisdom, was very evident tonight in a ruff patch of Atlanta… Very evident indeed. It’s 4:55a yall but im still riding a natural high brought forth by the vibes of tonights events and revelations.. I rocked the one and only stage of 595 North Ave (which used to be one of atl’s most infamous after hours spots back in the day)  tonight the venue that hosted Dj Kemits Bornday celebration, the Spread Love 1 year anniversary, and Dj Mafioso’s first ever attendance and dj debut at a Spread Love event!!! I can end the story right there but it only gets better…. Because thats not the cake!! The desert is that Binkis Recs was relevant and was rockin the same single stage on the same night..I was providing the sounds, flux on the murals and Spice on the visuals… We are part of the fabric of ATLANTA!!! I had on my JAX shirt and Najee was there in spirit so it was all complete.. Pics and audio will be up shortly.. but i warn you it was one of those joints that you just had to be there to know what im really sayn!!! Buford Hwy Binkis Bombers yall!! we get it it in one way or the other!!!