June 2009

It’s been a while peoples but I’m here! Might take another hiatus though! HAAAAA!!! Any way, here’s a little something about the hair product industry. Yeah you would think that black people would have a share in one of the largest industries in the united states… WRONG!!! Peep this doc called “Black Hair: The Korean Takeover”. They have the product market covered from grease to weave. Very interesting. Listen I don’t discriminate too tuff on black women hair. If you look good you look good but shit… you got to admit that it’s crazy how most of them rock the perm work and the weaves when that isn’t your natural hair texture. Like I said though, I don’t discriminate! HAAAAAAAAAA!!! The wild thing is that we(black people) don’t even own shit! Bronner Brothers maybe… MAYBE! Word so peep the post let me know what you think and I’ll be back like a person who lost all front!!!! Also you can purchase the DVD here!

This is a Dope Doc. ” Big Fun In The Big Town ” because it was done in the time when shit was going down. You got to love hearing these artists at that time speak. HAAAA! This is CLASSIC stuff! Enjoy! FISKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!


One the first Gangsta Rappers per say. Back then it was just Hip-Hop. A dude into his own shit. Schoolly D was an Mc who produced his own music as well with a voice like none other. PSK is one of the Greatest Hip-Hop songs ever. A lot of people did covers of that song, Biggie, Prince Paul and even at the time it came out Ice T was heavyly influenced by that joint. He Called “6 in the morning” the “West Coast PSK”. In fact… If you seen the deluxe edition of “King of New York”, Schoolly D talks about how influenced the west coast Hip-Hop  music. After all these years Schoolly still gets work for doing music. If you ever heard of Aqua-team Hunger Force… You heard Schoolly D! So I’m about get into this with a Bio and A couple of tunes. Enjoy and do your homework peoples. HAAAAAA! FANGGGGGGGG!!



Bio(From LegacyRecordings.com):

Opinion has been widely mixed about the merits of Philadelphia rapper Jesse B. Weaver, Jr. aka Schoolly D. Long before the debate about gangsta rap lyrics became an easy way to get national newsprint, there was outrage over Schoolly D’s explicit and undiluted narratives on inner city strife. Saturday Night in 1987 and Smoke Some Kill in 1988 had city officials openly endorsing removal of the albums from record stores. He has continued in the same vein with 1993’s Am I Black Enough for You and 1996’s Gangster’s Story. Schoolly D’s rather lackluster rapping style and repetitive material doesn’t place him in the forefront of hip-hop creators, but he does merit mention (or blame, depending on your perspective) for being an early gangsta proponent. His career got a bit of a boost after the Chemical Brothers sampled him on their 1997 Dig Your Own Hole album, creating a bit of interest in a rapper few of the late ’90s youth were familiar with. Furthermore, Schoolly D’s relationship with esteemed film director Abel Ferrara gave him the opportunity to collaborate on the soundtracks to several of the directors films such as The Addiction and Kings of New York. (By Ron Wynn, All Music Guide)

This from Wikipedia:

Musically, Schoolly D and his DJ Code Money came up with electronic hardcore beats. Later on, Schoolly embraced the afrocentric style, working together with KRS-One. He contributed songs and music to many Abel Ferrara films, such as the title track from Am I Black Enough For You?, which was played during the climactic shoot-out in Ferrara’s King of New York and “Signifying Rapper” (from Schoolly’s album Smoke Some Kill), which was used in the director’s Bad Lieutenant. Because Led Zeppelin successfully sued due to an uncleared interpolation of their song “Kashmir” in “Signifying Rapper,” the song was omitted from the soundtrack of the film and indeed from subsequent releases of the Bad Lieutenant.

Schoolly also wrote “The Player” for Ferrara’s film The Blackout, as well as the score to Ferrara’s R’Xmas. In addition he also contributed the title track to Ferrara’s King of New York starring Christopher Walken. The film also contained the track “Am I Black enough for you?”. In 2006, Schoolly D co-wrote the indie film soundtrack of the historical science fiction thriller Order of the Quest with Chuck Treece. The project series is produced by Benjamin Barnett, and Jay D Clark of Media Bureau. His last album, Funk ‘N Pussy, features guest appearances by Public Enemy‘s Chuck D, Chuck Chillout, Lady B and a drum and bass remix of the classic Schoolly D track “Mr. Big Dick” (remixed by UK trip-hop crew The Sneaker Pimps).

Schoolly also does the music and occasional narration for the cult animated series Aqua Teen Hunger Force on the Cartoon Network channel in its Adult Swim strand.

Rapper Ice-T, who is often given credit for the creation of gangster rap, credits Schoolly D as an influence on his own music:

” The first record that came out along those lines was Schoolly D’s “P.S.K.” Then the syncopation of that rap was used by me when I made “Six In The Morning”. The vocal delivery was the same: ‘…P.S.K. is makin’ that green’, ‘…six in the morning, police at my door’. When I heard that record I was like “Oh shit!” and call it a bite or what you will but I dug that record. My record didn’t sound like “P.S.K.”, but I liked the way he was flowing with it. “P.S.K.” was talking about Park Side Killers but it was very vague. That was the only difference, when Schoolly did it, it was ‘…one by one, I’m knockin’ em out’. All he did was represent a gang on his record. I took that and wrote a record about guns, beating people down, and all that with “Six In The Morning”. ” –Ice T, PROPS magazine interview.

dirtyculture post

Yo this is a fly  unique Cd cover design I completed about a week and a half ago. It’s done by the homie Dj Singh. Home boy got skillz The first Cd I completed for him was “The Go-Go Experience” which was a mix of Hip-Hop and R&B songs done over Go-Go music. The shit was fly and I never heard anyone do something like that. Very original, that’s why I roll with the cat. This Cd is here is Dirty South Music over Reggae and Dancehall rhythms. Another fly concept I must say. So here you can check it out. Get at Dj SINGH@gmail.com or myspace.com/djsingh.


There is some wild shit going on in the world these days! SHEESHHHHHH!!!

(article taken from comcast.net)

Woman set afire at door of her Houston apartment

HOUSTON — Police in Houston say a woman was doused with a flammable liquid and set on fire in the doorway of her apartment and is in critical condition. Police spokesman Victor Senties said Monday that the 33-year-old woman was attacked when she answered her front door Saturday night.

He wouldn’t give any details about the attacker and said no one had been arrested.

Senties told The Associated Press that the victim was hospitalized in critical condition with burns over a major portion of her body. Witness Alejandra Chavira said she saw the victim running and described the woman as being on fire “from head to toe.”

Neighbors helped roll her on the ground to put out the fire.

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Yeah, I know I know… It’s been a minute since content was posted to BinkisRecs.com It’s all great because the god was working somethings out. If I didn’t … then I would be in trouble. HAAAAA! Anyway Today is R&B Soul Thursdays. So you know what that means? I’ll wait…..   You damn right! We are putting up info and videos about Soul Artists. Today we are going to put up MANDRILL. Now, although they are an historical group I haven’t heard a lot of their music. And they have a lot!!!!. I just finally listen through ” MAndrill Is” and “Solid”. BANGIN’ albums I might add but that’s all I can contribute from self. HAAAA! Imma let the Bio and the videos do the rest BLAMMMMMMMMMMMM!

Bio(from Madrillis.com):

What do rap and hip-hop artists KANYE WEST, BRANDY, BLACK-EYED PEAS, WYCLEF JEAN, MISSY ELLIOT and PUBLIC ENEMY have in common? They are just a few of the many artists who have sampled the legendary Funk/R&B/Jazz/Latin/Rock sensation MANDRILL. You can hear their signature sound on Kanye West’s “Two Words” with Mos Def from Kanye’s Grammy Award-winning College Dropout album as well as on Brandy’s single “Talk About Our Love” featuring and produced by Kanye West from her Grammy-nominated Afrodisiac album. Other samples include Shawty Lo’s’ “Dey Know”, KRS One’s “For Example,” Black Eyed Peas “Weekends,” Floetry’s “Have Faith,” Wyclef Jean’s “You Say Keep It Gangsta,” Tweet and Missy Elliot’s “We Don’t Need No Water,” Kindred’s “If I,” and Nas’ “U Gotta Love It.” As one of the most sampled groups of today MANDRILL has been introduced to a whole new generation of younger fans who are appreciating, in live concerts, the power and artistry of this band. 

Their most recent project MANDRILL LIVE AT MONTREUX (DVD/CD) includes interviews, behind the scenes footage and a photo gallery, in addition to the 90-minute concert recorded in Switzerland at the prestigious Montreux Jazz Festival in Stravinsky Hall. MANDRILL LIVE AT MONTREUX is the very first “live” presentation of the legendary Funk/R&B/Latin/Jazz/Rock band and features a compendium of MANDRILL’s greatest hits. The CD captures the raw magic for which MANDRILL is known with 10 electrifying tracks, unmatched in power and versatility, including such classic hits as “Fencewalk,” “Mango Meat,” “House of Wood,” “Peace and Love” and others. Viewers are treated to bonus musical surprises on what is sure to become a collector’s item. The concert CD is one of MANDRILL’s finest albums. Both the CD and DVD are available on the official website at http://www.mandrillis.com and in stores worldwide. The DVD is currently featured on BET J’s “Club J Concerts” (a division of the Black Entertainment Television Network). 

Their soon-to-be released seventeenth album continues to promote positive messages of peace, harmony and social justice. A few highlights of this CD include their new songs “We Gotta Get It (Right This Time)” and “The Vow”, a call by MANDRILL for people all over the world to come together as one with a healing agenda. “The Vow”, a powerful composition by Lou Wilson, features Lou on lead vocals, George Duke on keyboards, with Sekou Bunch and Herman Matthews rounding out the presentation on bass and drums respectively. “Spirit Of Hiroshima”, composed by Dr. Ric Wilson and featuring his lead vocals, encourages us to deal with challenges, not as victims, but with strength and compassion. MANDRILL’s tribute song to President Obama “ABLESSING” with the commanding lead vocals of Dwight Trible sends a message of hope and love, struggle and triumph. Other collaborators include the great Gerald Albright and Chuck D of Public Enemy. This CD will truly reflect the full spectrum of MANDRILL including the booty shakin’ fun and funk that their fans have grown accustomed to.

Still touring the U.S. and abroad, the Wilson Brothers remain the driving force behind MANDRILL. The current band is fueled by a new generation of multi-talented musicians including Marc Rey, Arlan Schierbaum, Keith Barry, Michael Beholden, Gemi Taylor and Stacey Lamont Sydnor.(Read More Here).