It’s been a while peoples but I’m here! Might take another hiatus though! HAAAAA!!! Any way, here’s a little something about the hair product industry. Yeah you would think that black people would have a share in one of the largest industries in the united states… WRONG!!! Peep this doc called “Black Hair: The Korean Takeover”. They have the product market covered from grease to weave. Very interesting. Listen I don’t discriminate too tuff on black women hair. If you look good you look good but shit… you got to admit that it’s crazy how most of them rock the perm work and the weaves when that isn’t your natural hair texture. Like I said though, I don’t discriminate! HAAAAAAAAAA!!! The wild thing is that we(black people) don’t even own shit! Bronner Brothers maybe… MAYBE! Word so peep the post let me know what you think and I’ll be back like a person who lost all front!!!! Also you can purchase the DVD here!