September 2009

Starr Still

If you didn’t know… StaHHr the Femcee has been reppin’ Atlanta for a loonnnngggggggggg time. Not only that, she has been leading the way since the mid-nineties. Now with more and more exposure, StaHHr has got her first video. ” Still Dope ” off of her  “Almost Never Was” album produced by Doom, has given her fans a new visual experience. Beside tearing up the stage, you can now see her creativity in video form. The video was directed by Atlanta’s own J-Force of the “Beat’s and Lyrics show” on WRFG 89.3. It premiers at the congratulations StaHHr!!! FANGGGGGGGGGGG. Enjoy!!

“Still Dope”

Y’all know this is the lil’ Braddah of the BINKIS CAMP!! He got some more nutrients for yah! FANGGGGGGGGG!!


Feat. Von Pea (Tanya Morgan) & Homeboy Sandman

Produced By Supa Dave West

“20 Years High & Rising” (Homage To De La Soul)



This is the second leak from his new project ” Walk Softly & Carry A Big Brick ” which will be released Wednesday Sept. 30th, 2009 via The Smoking Section(TSS). Features Atlanta Emcee Senor Kaos and New York City’s emcee’s Von Pea of the group Tanya Morgan and Homeboy Sandman. Song prod. by Supa Dave West. Artwork freaked by

All I can say is… WORD?!?

Police: Taiwan teen chops off dad’s hands:


TAIPEI, Taiwan — A 17-year-old Taiwanese boy has been arrested for chopping off his father’s hands, allegedly to avenge years of physical abuse, a police official said Tuesday. The boy cut through his father’s wrists with a knife while he was asleep at the family’s home in central Miaoli on Monday, the official said. The official was speaking on condition of anonymity, citing department policy.

The 37-year-old father, a divorced ironsmith, was in stable condition after doctors reattached his severed hands, the official said. The father and son were identified only by their surname, Fan.

The police official said the boy admitted to cutting his father’s hands off and showed no remorse, complaining that he was beaten after refusing to get a job while attending school.

The Apple Daily newspaper quoted the boy as telling police that since his mother left home some 10 years ago, his father had frequently beat him and even tossed a chair or other objects at him.

The boy said he bought a knife and planned to kill his father two days earlier after his father reprimanded him for refusing to work and denied him allowances, the report said.

The boy has been handed over to a juvenile court that will decide whether to file charges.



Word Real peoples, if you didn’t know… it’s the Killa Illa Kalm’s Bornday!!! FANG, FANGGG!! BOKAPP, BOKAPPILARY!!!! Chi-Town, Chi-Town, born and bred. East- Heights niggrah!!!! One of the illiest Emcees you may or may not have heard. Style is completely original braddah. Believe dat!!!!!! Yo, I knew this brotha for 15 years, when he was fresh out the B’Ham sun! This dude watched me grow and influenced me into the Emcee I have become. Not only on the rhyme/Hip-Hop tip but as a firned in general. Shit, we watched each other grow and still growing. It doesn’t stop nah meannnnn. Y’all don’t even know the half. From Neblos to Binkis, from Binkis to the Hershey Bros. There is still room to flourish and expand. 2 albums deep in the Binkis Catalog(Vertigo and The Re-Birth). You can pick up the Re-birth at or get both at itunes. We are gonna celebrate with some of his favorites artists so let’s enjoy. SPRAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!

We are gonna set it off with us! You cot damn right! HAAAAAAAA!

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