Word Real peoples, if you didn’t know… it’s the Killa Illa Kalm’s Bornday!!! FANG, FANGGG!! BOKAPP, BOKAPPILARY!!!! Chi-Town, Chi-Town, born and bred. East- Heights niggrah!!!! One of the illiest Emcees you may or may not have heard. Style is completely original braddah. Believe dat!!!!!! Yo, I knew this brotha for 15 years, when he was fresh out the B’Ham sun! This dude watched me grow and influenced me into the Emcee I have become. Not only on the rhyme/Hip-Hop tip but as a firned in general. Shit, we watched each other grow and still growing. It doesn’t stop nah meannnnn. Y’all don’t even know the half. From Neblos to Binkis, from Binkis to the Hershey Bros. There is still room to flourish and expand. 2 albums deep in the Binkis Catalog(Vertigo and The Re-Birth). You can pick up the Re-birth at myspace.com/binkis or get both at itunes. We are gonna celebrate with some of his favorites artists so let’s enjoy. SPRAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!

We are gonna set it off with us! You cot damn right! HAAAAAAAA!