So if you don’t know by now, i will put you up on the scoop. A3C is a Hip-Hop Festival that has been going on for the last 5 years here in in Atlanta. It brings acts from all over the country and every year it gets bigger and bigger. Binkis Recs have been known for smashing A3C every year! And every year it’s something different and the fans always enjoy. This year… well is a lot different. This is the first year that we will not be physically performing with my brother JAX. Just me being who I am and the position holder in the group, I have a habit of just rolling with it and doing the best that I can. I would much rather the brother to be here physically rocking the set like we do. It’s also coming up to a year since he passed over… Nov. 4th. I don’t know man, I know what I got to do but this feeling is new for me. Well, A3C is putting forth a commemoration for the BINKIS Braddahs. A tribute to Jax and the brothers in Binkis for holding it down for so long. Whether it  is 5 years rocking A3C or 12 years rocking Atlanta! We will be rocking this year at the Rakim show this Saturday. This came sorta last minute, like this week because we was not pressed to perform. Not to much desire for it but it was like… this is a huge event, people still don’t know who BINKIS is and this is for Jax!! Not to mention we rocking with the god Rakim which had a heavy influence on us as Emcees. So, the story is Binkis will kill shit as usual after a hard set by the lil’ brother Senor Kaos! Oh yeah he kills it too. Just incase you didn’t know! The commemoration will be in between the two sets. So come on out if you can. It will be documented.

jax cover1

A3C has done something for the Atl “underexposed” Hip-Hop scene although many believe that we(Atl’s Underexposed) should receive a larger stage. Instead of rocking just the normal local crowds that we should get exposed to more of those who do not know or come out under special conditions. All in All, the city is excited and exciting right now. There is so much energy flowing and it’s a wonderful thing. We get’s down out here it is time that the world knows it. So if you haven’t gotten your pass yet… you need to. It’s only $33 dollars for all three days(well 2days now) and you can go to every show you possibly can. For more info peep They have the schedule and a map for you to get every Hip-Hop fix you need. This is Fluxwondabat from the Almighty BINKIS RECS signin’ out! FANGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!