Now, You should be well aware but if you are not… Today marks the 1year Anniversary of the passing of our brother. Jax Da MickieFickie AxeHandler!!! I meet the brother in our Freshman year at the H.S. of Art and Design and we have been best friends since. I mean the dude knew me like no other and vice versa. On levels I don’t even understand… we all connected smoothly. From NEBLOS to BGP(City of Ink) to The N.E.T. to BINKIS, we created a bond that has never been broken for any superficial reasons. We still tight! FANGGGGGGGGGGG!!! Brothers to the death!!!! I’m saying that to let people know that we watched and helped each other grow. I love him and all my brothers the same and we gonna keep moving as long as we have some direction for ourselves… things will work wonderfully. Love to Lisa, Mr. and Mrs. Thurston, Cruen, Damon, Lumbajak, all our peoples that supported us from day one, NY Fam, Clark Atl Fam everybody. Like Lisa says… Lets love our peoples while they are still here and not wait till they passed to recognize their importance to your life. Fluxwondabat… Signing off! FISKKKKKKK! BOKAPP to the BOKAPP CAPTAIN!!!!!