Bink Wrecks

First off, I would like to thank all my peoples that showed me love at this show. I wanna thank My Binkis Fam(Killa, Maf, Spice). I wanna thank Goldi Gold and Kaos for holdin me Down. I wanna Thank the beautiful Jasiatic for the pics as well as her and pretty Elisha for coming all the way from Charlotte to support the god. Brannon and Speakeasy for putting the show together and considering BINKIS to tear shit up. HAAAAAA! Alright, these are some pics from the show(by Spice and Jasiatic) and some fly footage put together by my homie Goldi Gold of the practice and the show. Peep it out. Leave a comment what ever. HAAA! Thanks to all y’all who support Binkis.  R.I.P. JAx the MickieFickie Axe Handler! FANGGGGGGGGGGGGG!