16 Bars of Gold Vol. 2 Live Mix Tape Release Party

ATL Hip-Hop Community Collaborates for Recording

Friday, December 4

The 529

East Atlanta Village

10 pm


It’s been said that the 16 bar verse is the purest measure of an emcee’s worth. For one night only, Beat Studies Productions and Heart of the Hood Entertainment join forces for an underground hip-hop session like no other.

Capturing the voice of hip-hop’s original message with solid beats and intelligent lyrics, this prolific new style event in Atlanta brings the essence of street music to the masses.

The night has emcee Mojo Swagger setting the pace for the revolving door of sorts with 30 plus hip-hop artists dropping their version of 16 lyric bars over DJ Dainja’s beats. The artist structure has each performance leading into the next, bringing the mix tape running time to one hour. The entire event recorded live to audio and video, holding the sound and image in real time.

Not only is the release party a night to be remembered, the studio record itself is as well. Beat Studies Productions founder B.J. Alden explains, “This album and release party knows no boundaries. We’re crossing every line of ethnicities and gender with a potpourri of talent.” He continues, “The concept is the sum of the parts is better as a whole.”

Artists included in the session are: Manchild, 4-ize, Senor Kaos, StaHHr, Flux and Killa Kalm of Binkis Recs, SIMP, Q-San, Kel and Jay Quest of Alpha Noise, Ekundayo, Tribe 1 and Adan of The Remnant, Boog Brown, Mic Masters, Punchlyne, MOJO Swagger, Dillon, Joe Billz, Tommy Lee Soul, Adrift Da Belle, Pro Wonder, Ozy Reigns, Jarren Benton, Jackzilla, Rita J, Kato, Sen. Bret Boogie, Arablak, Khalid Nile, and Skinny-C.

About 16 Bars of Gold: Vol. 1, released in Fall 2008, brought together top Atlanta artists including the late great Jax, as well as local favorites Chief Justice, SIMP, Ekundayo, Dillon, Senor Kaos, and more.