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Inside each person, there exists untapped potential for creativity. Creativity does not just refer to skills like being able to paint, write eloquently, or make beautiful music; creativitymerely refers to unique thinking. For example, if you are using different and new ways of finding a solution to a problem, you are being creative.

Below are some ways to uncover your potential for creativity:

1. Do Things That Bring You Joy. It is possible you’ve already thought about what would make you happy, but you’re afraid to try because you think you won’t be any good at it. However, the only way you are truly failing is not trying at all. Who cares if you fall down? Why even bother with people who might be judging you? Take the words “you only live once” to heart and live by them!

2. Make A Second Attempt. As another example, imagine that you have a passion for film making. You might have taken a course on the subject and received critical comments from the instructor. How are you going to react? Are you going to throw in the towel or get out there and try again? Obviously, if you care at all about this subject you are going to keep learning more and hone your skills. Attend another course or try your hand at producing a film by yourself. Success will come through as long as you keep practicing and continue learning, while enjoying yourself in the process.

3. Keep Thinking. It’s not really possible for you to ever cease thinking completely. But you should strive to always have a new thought in mind, solutions to problems, new ideas — all of these, particularly when applied to the ordinary, are exercises of creativity. Don’t settle into the commonly accepted way of doing things; there are always new ways to do things, and these are what you want to be looking for.

4. Be Inspired. Creativity is likely to pop out when you are pursuing a path that inspires you on a very deep level. Perhaps you’ve wanted to start your own business. It may not sound like a creative endeavor by itself if that type of business already exists in the marketplace today. Where your creativity will abound is when you are figuring out how to make your business different from all the others of its kind.

5. Perpetuate A Calm State Of Mind. Try to stay away from circumstances that cause you to become overwhelmed or especially stressed. Calm environments lend themselves to creative thinking for the vast majority of people. Take breaks when you feel a dip in creativity because excessive amounts of stress can put a damper on your ability to think outside the box.

Follow Up On Your Ideas With Decisive Actions

The only way to find out whether or not your creative ideas will succeed in real life is to devise a strategy and follow through.

Financial difficulties, a fear of failing, or other obstacles may present themselves, however, overcoming these obstacles is paramount if you are serious about reaching your creative potential and achieving your goals.

Mental Blocks

Always remember that creativity exists within you, eager to present itself.

For anything you are passionate about in life, creativity can add that extra ingredient. Even stamp collecting can be done in a creative way. You could design a unique type of album for stamp collectors. You could even design your own stamps or create a website with information for other stamp collectors. These are the few ways you could make this activity more creative. Get out of your boring comfort zone and be creative!

Allow yourself some time every day to explore and be creative. Although it may feel awkward or strained in the beginning, creativity will be pouring out of you before you realize it.