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Over the years America has waged war with countries, forcibly occupied territories and murdered millions of men, women and children. Dropped nuclear bombs on Japan, destroyed Vietnam’s ecosystem with Agent Orange, and has created such an atmosphere in Iraq that radiation levels have been compared to twenty five thousand bombs used in Nagasaki.

As I take you on this journey through pain and suffering, we shall see an insight into American wars, why is there war and what are the benefits of war? More importantly we will run through the effects of war on the common citizens of the country.

I am letting you know now that this article may not be something that you may want to know as it can cause a deep state of sorrow. I started doing research for this post, more than two weeks ago. I did not want to proceed writing the article then, as I did not want my outrage to mess with the facts.

Agent Orange in Vietnam

The first case I shall start with is the case of Agent Orange in Vietnam, Agent Orange is the code name for a powerful herbicide and defoliant used by the U.S. military in an attempt to deny an enemy cover and concealment in dense terrain where they could hide. America dumped more than twenty million gallons of this chemical in the south of Vietnam, no one knows what is the total amount of chemicals dumped in the whole of Vietnam.

The chemicals used in agent orange produces dioxins that are harmful to not only the environment, but causes diseases like cancer and genetically transfer from one generation to the next causing massive deformation in babies. In 1984, chemical companies that manufactured the Agent paid $180m to the United States veterans who are suffering due to their contact with Agent Orange.

What about the Vietnamese, who have not received any aid, and their lawsuits filed against the companies have been dismissed in US courts. Lets take a look at Vietnam where so much of the defoliant has absorbed into the earth and the water supply that it continues to have an effect on peoples’ lives.

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