A True Champ, But Not a Painter

– By Antera(from Soulevolution.org) –

My body is the best sport I’ve known. Better than me, for sure, because when I play games I play to win, and there have been times when I was losing badly and I just quit, which was very disappointing to those who wanted to complete their wins. So when I think of all the tough games I’ve put this body through, and how she has never quit, I am very impressed.

I learned very young that I could make deals with her and she would always come through for me. If I had a lot to do and wanted to work through the night, I warned her and promised something nurturing in return. During my years of college and grad school while a single mom, I simply told her that we wouldn’t be getting more than a few hours sleep every night until the end of the semester and that I would make it up to her during the break by sleeping for a week. But even though I’ve been very demanding of my body at times, I’ve also given her the best of live fresh foods and done regular cleansings since I was a teenager.

I have learned a lot about her over the years. I found out that she has an entity, a nature spirit or elemental, who is in charge of constantly creating her form and making sure she functions according to her specifications. I haven’t always consciously agreed to those specifications, though I know that I agreed to take the body in the first place because she was the best one available to serve my purposes in this lifetime. Most of her guidelines are genetic, encoded in the cells. But since we are human-beings, Spirit with body, we the Beings have some definite influence on the body as well.

Our bodies have their own ancestral weaknesses, strengths, and memories of pain and stress that go way back along the evolutionary path. Add to this our spirit history, and the emotional and physical pain we carry from our own adventures of incarnation, and it is a very complicated system!

Since I’ve learned more about how nature spirits work, it has helped me work more efficiently with my body’s elemental. It seems that the elementals are the ones who do the work of creating the physical forms, but they work according to the blueprint given to them by the Deva (Angel) of the species. My current understanding is that it is the Deva who can make changes in the genetic lines, so that evolution can take place. So I’ve decided that I (the Higher Self) am the Deva of my body’s elemental! Therefore I should be able to consciously make changes in the genetic structure.

During my nine-week fast last year, I convinced her to switch over to getting all her sustenance from the life-force energy surrounding us rather than from food, and I told her that I would not be eating again, which I believed at the time. I had to tell her this daily for weeks before she showed signs of compliance, but she did finally get it, stopped losing weight, and became her energetic self again. This was a major change, to say the least, and must mean there was a change in the DNA, or activation of codes that were previously dormant.

Compared with that feat, I thought painting would be an easy thing to train her to do. I volunteered to paint our new house, inside and out, to save us about $8000. I had never painted before, but it didn’t look too hard. My body thought differently. Just a few minutes into it, she started giving me signals that said wrist and elbow already had reached their limits and that was enough. I was painting the exterior siding before it was put up, and needed to keep ahead of Omaran and his crew.

So I reasoned with my body, telling her that she would get used to it and build muscles especially for this. But every day it was the same, the complaints starting a few minutes after painting commenced, as she tried to tell me that she was not made for this kind of work. I was committed, so I overruled it and withstood the almost constant daily pain.

It helped that a very important part of the task was to infuse the boards with the spiritual energies and light of the Golden Ray, which forced me to meditate and concentrate these energies into the paint as I applied it, quite an exercise in mental focus, four hours a day. I chanted and sang out loud, not caring about the neighbors. I visualized with strong intent. Those boards were shining brightly by the time I had applied two coats, and the pain was forgotten.

My hands started getting very numb at night, however, interfering with my sleep as I had to keep hanging them over the side of the bed and shaking them to get circulation in there. It was a bad case of carpal tunnel syndrome. The way to heal it was to stop doing what caused it. But my guidance wanted me to keep working, so they sent help. One day, I was out doing my meditation/painting, when a young woman walked up and said she wanted to tell me about magnetic therapy. I told her I had good health, but something told me to take her flyer anyway. It seemed a bit odd, because we don’t get solicitors in this small town. When I looked at the flyer that evening, I read that the magnets were good for carpal tunnel problems! I checked with the body elemental, and she really wanted it. So I ordered one, and wore it all the time I wasn’t painting, for a couple of weeks. The numbness went away almost entirely.

I ended up painting nearly every day for seven months, inside and out, on top of all my other work, meaning 12-14 hour days, seven days a week. It is an understatement to say that this body has put up with some neglect during this time: lack of regular exercise and sleep, lots of chocolate and coffee. She never did build the muscles necessary to be a painter, but she also never let me down for a minute, and kept the pain at a constant level that I learned to live with because I knew it was temporary. What a champ! She is my hero, and I’ve promised her that I’ll get back to my normal healthy lifestyle after we move in, which I will. I couldn’t ask for a better partner in this lifetime!