HAAAAA! Me and my homie Dj Pocket was wildin’ off of this the other day! Y’all know about this. Some of the women use to rock that cut too! I seent cha! HAAAA!

Bio(Courtesy of mog.com):

Rap fans who think there’s just one thing on Luther Campbell’s mind would get a far different impression by listening to female rapper Anquette. Though she recorded for his Luke Skyywalker Records (later just Luke), she took on political and social issues as well as recording bass-heavy party tracks. Her 1986 single, “Throw the P,” was a biting female answer record to 2 Live Crew’s “Throw the D,” and a follow-up named “Janet Reno” from 1988 congratulated the Florida district attorney for locking up deadbeat dads. The single may even have helped garner support among urban audiences for Reno, then locked in a tough reelection bid with her GOP challenger, Jack Thompson, the Miami lawyer who led the crusade to convict Campbell for obscenity. (Thompson also attempted to make a campaign issue of Reno as an alleged lesbian and alcoholic.) Reno cruised to an easy victory, and one year later, Anquette was rewarded with a moderate R&B hit, “I Will Always Be There for You.” Her only LP, Respect, followed later that year.