Yo… Me and Jax use to die off of Oaktown 357 video “We Like It(Get Loose)” video just cause of homie singin’ at the end! That dude outfit was way to the left! HAAAAAAAA! One of our favorite. All in all, they wasn’t fly Mcee’s but they definitely brought some ol’ other sexy shit to the world of rap video. Salt ‘N’ Pepa dressed sexy but not like them. Just some wild stuff to look back on. Enjoy! FANGGGG!

Bio(Courtesy of Allmusic.com):

While riding high on his domination of commercial rap in the late ’80s and early ’90s, MC Hammer branched his empire further by bringing two of his seemingly endless entourage of dancers/stage-hanger-ons into the studio. The result was Oaktown’s 357, a female duo some perceived as Hammer‘s answer to another highly successful female rap team, Salt-N-Pepa. Riding high on Hammer‘s ever-so-marketable name, the group released Wild & Loose to some commercial success, with “Juicy Gotcha Krazy” and “We Like It” both receiving heavy radio rotation. But like all good empires in history, this too has an unhappy ending. As Hammer‘s popularity slid, so did the rest of his entourage. And while the duo released two more records (1991’s Fully Loaded and 1992’s Fila Treatment), they were never quite able to match the success of the first, and quietly disbanded in 1992. – by Rob Theakston –