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Each of us who is creative is unique and has his own distinct creative voice. There are, however, common specific elements that we can all build into our creative lives to help us be more creative, more often.

Here are 10 top creativity-boosting techniques you can start using right away:

  1. Gather your ideas as they happen. One of the reasons it often feels like you have no good ideas is not because they don’t form in your mind in the first place, but because you don’t capture them when they do. Use a Creative Ideas Journal to write or sketch down your ideas as they occur, and keep it with you to add to, wherever you go.
  2. Create little and often. Having an underlying “fitness level” is essential to being in great shape to create anything you want to create. Build and tone your creativity muscles by creating for a minimum chunk of time each and every day.
  3. Celebrate your successes. Because you’re with yourself 24 hours a day, it can be hard to see your progress or successes. Take the time to look back over that last 3-6 months and realize just how much you’ve created that you’ve forgotten about or taken for granted. You’re more creative than you realize!
  4. Focus your creativity. Having too many projects on the go at once is a sure way to overwhelm yourself and kill your creativity. You’ll never have time to create everything you ever want, so choose one project that’s important to you right now and create with your full passion and focus.
  5. Creative collaboration. Creating with another person or group of people can often produce far more than the sum of its parts. Team up with a creative colleague and work on a joint project. These days you don’t even have to be in the same country as each other to exchange creative ideas and art!
  6. Explore new sources of stimulation. Keeping your creativity inspired and energized is vital. If you only ever go to the exact same places, your inspiration will quickly run dry. Visit a variety of new places that will give your creativity plenty to think about. Don’t forget to capture your ideas while you’re there!
  7. Adopt an attitude of experimenting and play. Letting your creativity run free like a 5-year-old in a playground is a key factor in reaching your true potential. When you keep your creativity too safe and controlled, you won’t ever progress or create what you’re truly capable of. See creativity as play, not work, and notice the difference.
  8. Listen to what you need to create. When we get hung up on what we feel we “should” be creating, it causes resentment and frustration and doesn’t help anyone. Instead, listen to your deeper passions and desires. What is it you really NEED to create right now?
  9. Join a group or community. Creating can be a lonely occupation. These days though, it’s easier than ever to find the kind of support and community that will keep you encouraged and motivated to create the best you’re capable of. Explore creative communities both locally and online and find the ones that work best and feel right for you.
  10. Build positive beliefs. If deep down you don’t believe you’re creative and you’ll always struggle to create, then guess what? Yes, you WILL always struggle to create. Weed out those negative beliefs that keep your creativity under lock and key, and replace them with empowering positive beliefs instead.

Which one of these 10 ways to be more creative will you choose to get started on today?