MAMA FEELGOOD!! It’s finally here peoples. Jungle 45 got it poppin live in the concrete jungle. This Saturday we shot “The Dopest Baby Mama” Taj Jackson for a day in The Life(Steadymobbbin). Constently on her grizzly. Children, Husband, work, a catering co… A lot of things going on here. Not to mention a photo shoot for Jungle 45 shot by one of Charlottes finest photographers… Jasiatic( This was also documented by Elisha Covington(Homegirls&HandGrenades) and Jungle 45’s own Goldi Gold(Junglejem45). Knocked it out and Walah… it’s here for you to get put on to! HAAAAA!!! Shout to everybody involved as well as all the mamas out there doing their thing. FANGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!