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I was born in the South Bronx. The home, the motherland, the Mecca of hip hop. I started writing graffiti back in 78-79. Influenced by my cousin Chris. He tagged Chico. He wasn’t a huge writer, just a local. I remember him always having a huge marker called a Pilot. He always had it in his draw. At times I would take it when he wasn’t home, go under the stairs or the rooftop of my grandmothers building and just tag my nickname (Nano). Then in 79-80 my cousin took me on the subways…

The 4 train was in my neighborhood. I remember taking the back car from Mosholou Parkway to the last stop (Woodlawn Rd). As soon as the doors would close he would make sure the last car was empty and just start tagging all over the train. On the ceilings, the doors even the subway maps. I remember seeing other tags on the insides. Writers like Ban2, 2Rape, Ojab, Die, Lie, Duro, Dondi, Duel, Base2, Zephyr, Fuzz one, just to name a few.

My mother and I traveled quite a bit on the subways and I was always looking at the outsides, seeing huge names really blew my head. The writers I remember were Fritos, Mark198, Dr. Pepper, Killer56, Comet, Blade, Popeye, Tracy168, Deli167 (who was Ban2), Lee, Seen, Pjay,P-nut2, Medisco92 and my idol Mitch77. That’s what really inspired me to get deeper into graffiti

I lived on Dekalb ave. and the kids on my block were all writing. There was Kop, 2Bang, Sofe, Piz, 2Sweet, 2Go & Rop. Then you had TSR (The Squad Rockers) down the block, Soe, 3D, Al, Duel, Harm187 & Coe. I always had drama with these punks. They always tried to jump me. Until I beat down Duel and Coe. You also had The MG Boys, Jem, Jay, Mark198, Dee3, Russ75, Mite, Rust, Cuda & Kit17. These guys always had huge pieces in all the school yard walls. One piece I loved was this fat P-nut2 in JHS 80!

P-nut2 had fame on the Welcome Back Kotter show, so that inspired me but Mitch77’s Tue burners and straight letters on the 4 line really inspired me. Man his style was ill. The best at the time. The first time I went to the writers bench at 149st Grand Concourse, I met Bear167, Gman, Smiley149, Ban2, Tye, Lane, Post, Or2, Rex167, Lie and many other writers. It was crazy seeing all these whole cars roll by. With burners by Dez, Shy147, Skeme, Kel1st, Cos207, Case2 & Tkid. I mean whole car burners after whole car burners. That was also deeply inspirational. I’m thank GOD for blessing me. To live it believe me it was a blessing.

While going to the 4 yard I met a lot of writers. I met Trap and Rip7. Later Rip7 taught me how to break dance and Trap and I became pretty tight. By then I was also writing Cope2. It was a name that my best friend gave me. He used to write Kope and The 2 I got from Ban2, cause he was the king of the insides.

I remember several writers writing “King”. I wondered why, so I asked Trap why so many writers wrote “King”. Trap told me that it meant that you claimed this line like a King. That meant you had the most tags on the insides or throw-ups, burners and blockbusters on the outsides. So I said Hmmm, that’s a challenge…

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