These are my people right here. Flux what you heard. These brothers were some of the first cats in the ‘A’ on our style of Hip-Hop that was independent and traveling world wide with it. Definitely had influence and inspiration on the BINKIS Crew! FANGGGG! They are back with their first single called “Morning Breath Chasers”. Plus my ninja H2O killed the cover art work! FANGGGGG! PEEP!!!

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“Morning Breath Chasers” is a re-introduction to the new Massinflu, whose members now are Rubix, H2O, Cognito and Spearhead X. The title derives from all of the songs that people play in the mornings to get their days started. So throw this in your radio and turn on the shower cuz it’s time to get it going.

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released 01 June 2010
Produced by Devil McDoom.
Mixed by Jan Fairchild.
Recorded at 320 Studios in Decatur, GA.
Artwork by