Las Night while dj’n I realized that no matter where I am, no matter who in the place, no matter what people will ever think of me Im a foreva be the rebel dj and play whateva the fugg I want when I want always and forever and you will like it or respect my ability to take that risk cause at the end of the day I am a PROFESSIONAL musical consultant…people come to me to be healed by my selections. I got my Masters Degree in this Dj game. I have worked very hard to build my confidence and my musical knowledge to the point of being very fluid in any style or genre and I am here now but I recognize I will never stop learning absorbing and growing from others.. But I am over qualified for any party or situation.. I speak in confidence and reflection not in ego or braggin rights….So to all my underlings coming up in the game all I can say is never be scurred to take that risk mane.. push the limits open the envelopes of every party.. you will only be dope if you can stand out from others .. study your craft and trust your abilities.. – Dr. Mafi-Lo-Ski!!!!! Chamblee’s finest, ATL’s Latin Soul Brotha Number One..

Look out for the new Jungle 45 Mixtape “Keep Your Eye on the 45” Look out for the Jax Tribute Mixtape coming in NOV and NOV 4th @ Cloud 9 in CastleBerry Hill we will be having a fiesta in tribute of my brother in Hip Hop Jax the Axe Handler.. Chris JFK Thurston to celebrate the life and times of our hermanito… NOV 4th will mark the 2 year anniversary of my mellow my man’s step into the hip hop heavens.. He proly chillin wit Pun and Scott La Rock right now bangin joints… So dont miss this one my peoples!!! Flyers and info coming.. im just amped and had to slip my tongue onthe subject..