Art Sole Life went down or rather blew sky high in a good way. Fly Art, good people and a good cause. Just in case some of you may have thought that this is all Sole Plus is about… think again. Here is a short documentary called “Away From The Sole: Peachtree and Trinity” that was shot a month prior to the Art show. It documents the lives of some homeless people that Sole Plus was able to provide with brand new shoes. Along side of Shawn S. Heath of “New Way Of Life Ministries” who have been providing food every Tuesday for the last 5 years, try to give the less fortunate some form of happiness if only for a short time.

Video Shot by Sole Plus, Edited by HighImpactMultiMedia, Music by Yamin Semali (AmDex)

– For more info on Sole Plus check and YouTube/1soleplus

– For Info on New Way Of Life Ministries Check Here

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