Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito prolly had one of the flyest Hip-Hop radio shows ever! Why? Because they did what the hell they wanted. It was damn near unlimited from the language and conversation to the music, guests, phone calls, jokes and what ever else they decided to do. I was put on by a couple of brothers in Art and Design. mainly my braddah U.S.A(Universal Scientist Allah) and my other braddah Jax. This was like ’92-’93. The exclusives were the shit. They played everything. Some things you only heard on a Stretch and Bob show. They played Demos from some of your favorite artists as well as letting cats Freestyle on air. I mean artists that weren’t even known yet. They blew after the fact.

Although I never made it through a full night of listening, Friday morning was like Wic check day. I’m trying to hear what my braddah’s recorded cause my recorder was wack. HAAAAAA! It was straight treats people. Always. They helped me to enjoy Hip-Hop even more. They reminded me of us and it would be an honor to just get invited to the show. We was fortunate to get there in 2000 when it was called the CMFamalam Show and return numerous times as Squeeze Radio. They just recorded their last show 10-21-10. 20th year anniversary and it was sad to see it go but through all the various tapes, memories, internet uploads and effects it had n the world will forever live on. A toast to the greatest, FANGGGGGGGG!

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