Today marks the 2 year anniversary of my brother Chris “Jax” Thurston passing to the other side. I miss him. That’s obvious but sometimes it just crosses my mind about the possibilities of him still being here. One year felt like 5. And two years feel like 10. Yet and still Jax lives through all the people that he effected. Whether it was through his music or you knowing him personally. Not always the happy camper but you wouldn’t know that. HAAAAA! We all taught each other and it was a blessing for me to know the champion.

Today , we are Celebrating the Life and Music of Jax. Not only here in our hearts but on this blog and later on tonight at a tribute party. Over at, you will find various posts on the brother Jax throughout the day. I appreciate that. Also, I’m sure you may see people posting tributes all over the net. Especially places like and My peoples over at has made a number of posts about Jax in the past. He even had a JAX WEEK!! So he’s out there. If you never heard of dude or know somebody that doesn’t … put them up on Holmes. I like to that his family for producing such a gifted soul. Shout to the Thurstons, his wife Lisa, the BINKIS Squadron, The BINKIS supporters and Atl for accepting us as such. We couldn’t have done this way without you. FANGGGGGGGGGG! JAX FOREVER KING!!!

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