The young brother dropped this joint yesterday on JAX DAY over at I of course heard it previously but MOST have not. HAAAAAA! This was produced by Illustrate(The Great) with cuts by Dj Dainja. THE MOTHASUCKA KNOCKS!!! FANGGGGGGGGGGG!

Illustration/Design: ME

Kaos Says:

I came up with the idea for the Spirit Of Jax around the beginning of 2009. I wanted to do a record to pay homage to Jax, but at the same time didn’t want it to be a sad record. I wanted it to be a track that celebrated the man on the mic as the phenomenal emcee he was. The first verse consists of some of my favorite Jax lines from various songs with cuts mixed in from DJ Dainja. The second verse was written more so in documentary style to tell the story of Jax and Binkis Recs from my point of view.

2 years later, there’s still a LOT of music from Jax the people haven’t heard that will hopefully one day be shared. There’s two more records at least with me and Jax together and who knows how many unreleased Binkis tracks as well as solo joints. Jax was a true work-a-holic. And that’s why today we celebrate the Pace Of The Dedicated.

R.I.P. J.F.K. – Jax Forever King

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