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KING JACK MOOSE Im A Super Star . I Acted In A Motion Picture MOVING TARGET . Im On My Way To Being A Motivated Speaker. Dilinger KJM has been subjected to abuse since his early childhood years. Thrown into a life of turmoil and crime was the only way of life he’d known, it is what he had been a product of. Dilinger KJM grew up in hell and his life resume is proof positive that everyone can change with the help of GOD and a strong will to be the best regardless of your upbringing and unfortunate life circumstances. Every year, hundreds of children report being abused, and every year, even more cases go unreported. Especially in cases of male sexual abuse and rape, survivors often never think of reporting due to the shame and isolation one feels. Young and adult men are taught that they should be able to defend themselves against anything, and learning this isn’t always the case, can be very hard. Further, in regards to children, abuse is not always physical, and is not always active-neglect is an unfortunately common form of abuse that some families cannot find ways to avoid. The Census Bureau reports that 76% of children are home alone after school. In poorer (and even not-so-poor families) drug abuse can factor in: 13% of children live in a house where illicit drugs are used, 24% in families where alcohol is abused. Kids who join gangs cite, as a reason for joining, a sense of belonging and discipline, and it is no wonder.

Dilinger KJM is a great example of how the strong can survive and overcome the evil of the streets and an abusive home life. From and early infant he was separated from his mother and bounced throughout foster homes until he reached the tender age of 5. The hell then went from worse to brutal. His story is a heart wrenching tragedy that would be unbelievable to most but real life for many, mainly Dilinger KJM. It is refreshing to see someone whom has lead a petty life of crime and turn all those past negatives into something positive and to endure the courage to share his life experience with strangers throughout the inner cities and suburbs, who will listen to his saga. As a mentor for school-age children and people of all walks of the world, it is a motivational tool for people to hear and realize that anyone can achieve their goals and wildest dreams. All things are possible and attainable if you stay focused and listen to your heart and act with your soul. Never let anyone tell you that you can’t do it or tell you that it is impossible or unattainable. It is important and somewhat mandatory for victims to share their testimonials and stories of courage and achievement to our younger generations. It provides encouragement and motivation for people young and old to follow their dreams and aspirations. This is the message that Dilinger KJM is trying to share with all that will hear and embrace his story. It could possible save the life of an innocent child.

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