These braddahs here definitely have SOUL. I have been posting some videos of some songs from the EP “Conversations With Her”. They produce some BANGIN’ sounds. FANGSTA!!!!!

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Producer Full Crate and singer Mar are two young musicians from Amsterdam. They fuse soul music and hip-hop with a sound design that – excuse the cliché -is best described as futuristic (think Flylo and D’Angelo falling in love with dubstep b-lines while writing the score for a remake of 2001: A Space Odyssey).

Full Crate & Mar have been friends since high school, sharing the same passion for music. Crate has studied classical piano and started dj-ing at a young age. Mar was raised in a musical family too and started drumming at the age of 5.

Today they are both part of the Amsterdam hip-hop / beatmaker scene. They have collaborated with artits like FS Green, Versis, Sir OJ, Hayzee and Suff Daddy (to name a few).

– These are some of the Videos –

– For more info on FullCrate, HERE

Mar also has a site where he does variations of other peoples songs in the way that it effects him. PEEP:


A variation is a different version of a song, improved by vocals of Mar. It’s the way Mar is experiencing music in his very own way.

“I grew up with so many different music genres. With my dad as a professional musician and mom literally starting and ending days with the radio as her bible, I got exposed to music as a whole package. With this as the foundation of Mar Variations, I can take any joint or lyric and flip it the way I would love to hear it.” Mar.